My dog ate a tiny bit of guacamole?

Answer A tiny bit of any human food won't kill a dog or anything. Him throwing up is just getting the guacamole out of him. Miserable- probably because he feels ill. Throwing up ain't nice. A day or so an... Read More »

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Please Help. A 2 year old child just drank a tiny, tiny bit of oxy cleansing pads- the liquid in it. help now!?

I would try and give it lots to drink, call your poison control center, or take him immediately to the emergency room.Always have syrup of epicac on hand when there is a little one so that you can ... Read More »

Tiny Really Tiny Bumbs on my face.?

Oh, you have about four or five years of acne to look forward to, unless you go to a dermatologist.

What are these tiny tiny bumps on my face?

you may be correct, they may be a reaction to hot water, i get these when in the shower, irratated looking? if this is believed to be it dont worry.

Where does guacamole come from?

Guacamole, a dip and side dish made of avocados to which tomatoes and seasoning are added, originated with the Aztecs. They called it "ahuaca-mulli," meaning a mixture made with avocados, and ate i... Read More »