My doctor told me that I am a beast?

Answer No, he shouldn't have said that. In fact, he could probably get in a lot of trouble for doing so,but it's one of those he-said-he-said things and hardly anyone ever wins against a dr.A good food p... Read More »

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What are stores gonna do with all that pink beast merchandise now that Beast Cancer Awareness month is over?

Give them away as door prizes at the Moose lodge on Bingo night.

My eye doctor told me that I'm 2200, What does that mean?

you may were 20/70 two years ago and 20/200 nowthats your visual acuity. 20/200 means from 20 feet you see what a person with normal eyes sees from 200 feet

My doctor told me that I have a parasite living inside me, how I break news to my parents that I am pregnant?

You aren't pregnant you nincompoop. You're just constipated... Geez, Stooge. You have to have sexual relations to be fertilized.

· Your doctor has just told you that you have a month to live, what would you do in that stretch of time?

I would do every thing I could afford to do with my kids to leave them with some happy memories of us all together.