My doctor says i have a weak nerve in my left eye is this curable?

Answer my Optometrist when I was a kid had me wear a patch over my strong eye for a couple of hrs a day to train the weaker eye to pick up slack and do its job. I didn't need glasses either, one was lazy ... Read More »

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If my right leg is really weak due to a back nerve problem will my left leg build up strength to compensate?

Yes, your left leg will continue to strengthen to compensate for your weak right leg. The pain you're experiencing is probably just the fact that your leg feels overworked! That should settle down.... Read More »

Sharp pain in the left side of my chest that lasted about 5 min, my left arm was weak, was it a heart attack?

probably not a heart attack if the pain only lasted about 5 min. Could have been a mild stroke. Going to the ER is probably not necessary NOW. Symptoms of heart attack include chest, arm, neck, ... Read More »

In govt hospital if doctor prescribes a injection and the RN administers the injection and patient develops radial nerve palsy is the doctor held negligent?

Answer Both health care providers are responsible. However, if the patient is an active military member nothing can be done law wise. The government is protected against lawsuits when there is mal... Read More »

My left ear is clogged and it is about to get on my last nerve.?

Since your ear isn't hurting, this tells me you have wax build-up... Most doctors clean your ears using a large irrigation syringe with a straight tip. They fill it with warm water and hydrogen per... Read More »