My doctor is upset with me because of going to the emergencey room?

Answer Well...he must be worried that you are getting addicted..I would say he is a great doctor, to be concerned even it if is for his own ****...You might get another doctor, or tell him flat out your c... Read More »

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You are 38 weeks pregnant and the doctor was going to strip your membranes today but couldn't because the baby is still too high Will castor oil help get things going?

Answer This is an extemely delicate time of your prenancy so unless the doctor says otherwise wait! DON'T TAKE ANYTHING ON YOUR OWN! The doctor will have you come in for more frequent check-ups.

I'm going to the doctor because I think I have a bladder infection... Please help!!!?

Maybe tell him about the periods or if anyone is with you then tell that person..

I know a lot of PRO-adpotion people are going to be upset with this question. But I have to ask...?

because fees for adoption go to the home study (to make sure the family is a good one) workers to do the study, lawyers and papers to make sure it is all legal and many other things. the birth mom... Read More »

Was Louis upset because his *character* was only in a few scenes lol?