My doctor has said i am iron deficient?

Answer HemaPlex tablets.…

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Is 80 in Iron low Am i Iron Deficient?

Normal iron blood levels of adult women are 30 to 126 ug/dL. During menstruation and pregnancy, females have increased need for iron. Females may lose too much iron during menstruation because ther... Read More »

How to Balance a Deficient Second Chakra?

The second chakra (also called the sacral chakra) has to do with flow. If it is deficient, you are all blocked up with rigid barriers; you plan everything, you're not really spontaneous, you worry ... Read More »

Water Deficient Plants?

In areas of the world that regularly experience hot and dry conditions, plants evolved to live on less water and developed techniques to conserve the fluids they do receive. Some have extensive roo... Read More »

Did you know a vegetarian diet is deficient?