My doctor has said i am iron deficient?

Answer HemaPlex tablets.…

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Is 80 in Iron low Am i Iron Deficient?

Normal iron blood levels of adult women are 30 to 126 ug/dL. During menstruation and pregnancy, females have increased need for iron. Females may lose too much iron during menstruation because ther... Read More »

Your doctor called you and said you have low hormones being 6 weeks pregnant and said you need to go back and do more blood test what is going on?

Answer This happened to me too...but everything was fine, i just was not as pregnant as we all thought i was, i was more like 5 weeks not 6. But everything turned out fine, with a healthy baby and... Read More »

This woman i know said that Doctor Oz said that even diet drinks have sugar in them?

Diet drinks dont have sugar, they have a sugar substitute moat often aspertame... This is something you should do some research on as the opinions on this particular item vary largely. Some peopl... Read More »

Doctor said it is safe to ta spray!!!?

So what you want to hear? If he says so, it should be safe, so we won't say anything against his decision..