My display on my computer has shifted.?

Answer Well, my laptop does this to me all the time. You can call the game manufacturer. Or the computer manufacturer. All that is happening is that your game does not understand the computer's font, and ... Read More »

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My screen on my computer is shifted to the left.. How do I center my screen on my monitir..I have windows xp..?

To the left to the left everything you own in a box to the left...

Why won't my computer display the Welcome Screen?

Click the Start button and click Control Panel and if this opens a menu, click User Accounts but if it opens a window, then look for the User Accounts and select the option to change the way users ... Read More »

Computer monitor won't display anything?

Disconnect everything was going to Troubleshoot 1 thing at a time so is this what were going to do turn off your computer disconnect power cord and take out both of your memory modules. and turn o... Read More »

Computer Display Settings?

You can make the game run in 640x480 mode by right clicking the EXE -> Properties -> Compatibility.Otherwise no you can not, sorry.