My digital camera won't work! What should I do?

Answer The photos should still be on your card, although you will need a card reader to transfer them to your computer.Be sure to dry out the card before you connect it. It should be fine. I have droppe... Read More »

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Why wont my digital camera connect to my computer?

You will have to install the software which came with the camera. Once you have done that the two can communicate, otherwise the computer won't know what to look for..

Why wont my pics download from digital camera?

Easeyest way is to download free picasa,it will do it foryou click link below.

Help! My digital camera wont unload / upload its content, or do anything..what could be wrong?

You may need to reinstall the program for you camera

Batteries on camera wont work?

It depends a lot on the camera. My daughter had a Casio which never worked with rechargeable batteries even though the manual said it should do. My mother-in-law's Canon works fine with them!Stan... Read More »