My digital camera keeps shutting down?

Answer That's most likely the problem......... normal disposable Eveready / Duracell / Energiser batteries simply don't have the power to cope with modern Digital camera's.I've got the next one down from ... Read More »

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My computer keeps shutting down?

graphic card drawing not enough power at the time where graphic (certain area in the game) requires more intense graphics. What is your power supply units Watts and amp rating on 12V? What is your ... Read More »

My computer keeps randomly shutting down?

It could be a overheat problem, you may need to clear the dust from the chassis using canned air but not vacuum cleaner. Alternately, the problem could also be caused by faulty RAM so you may one t... Read More »

My computer keeps shutting down randomly?

Aspire Ax3400G-U4802 keeps shutting down?

When its shutting down .what are you doing are you on the Internet and if so is there any particular website it shuts down with or does it not matter .There is a chance the computer is over heating... Read More »