My desktop has 4gb of RAM and 500 gb of HD - I'm going to be adding a few games?

Answer No, you won't have to worry about it. It'll take up the hard drive space 100% of the time it's on your computer, but only use RAM when you're playing it.The hard drive space it wants is a very very... Read More »

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Questions about adding RAM (Random Access Memory) to my desktop...?

nobut try to get your ram in matched pairs.for example, 2x 512 mb sticks or 2x 1 GB sticks

Does adding more desktop icons slow down your computer on start-up?

Desktop icons do not slow down your computer. Items added to your system tray, or to the startup group in your start menu under programs, slow down your computer. Any program you install that ru... Read More »

Preschool Adding Games?

Preschoolers can learn addition by using manipulatives such as rhymes and songs, games, number books and tactile activities. Incorporating play into the lesson can be a beneficial tool in keeping t... Read More »

Interactive Adding Games?

Teaching kids to perform basic addition can be difficult. Using an interactive online game is a good method to get them to learn addition while enjoying the activity. Many different addition games ... Read More »