My dentist's gay does this make him a tooth fairy?

Answer Lol that cheered me up, having a bit of a crap day and that made me smile. Thanks

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How to Make a Tooth-Fairy Pillow?

A tooth-fairy pillow is a great alternative to placing money beneath a child's pillow while she is sleeping. Tooth-fairy pillows are small pillows that can hang from a doorknob or bedpost. These pi... Read More »

The Tooth Fairy will be visiting soon. What is the going rate for a first tooth?

The Lilliputian humanoid creature in my house gets $1. :P

What do dentists use now to pull a tooth?

It's not that they hammered the tooth. Basically, the key instrument being used for tooth extractions is the forcep (plier-like thing). Although the pliers look somewhat 'ancient', there are actual... Read More »

Do dentists write down exactly where each cavity is on a tooth?

Yes, Dentist's record where your problem area's are. Sometimes, cavities are visual, (on the surface). Othertimes, cavities are inside your tooth. Dentist's take X-ray's of your mouth, and based on... Read More »