My dell monitor flashes on for a second and then goes blank. How do I fix it?

Answer You cannot fix this. You need to get a new monitor. The backlight ias died, and there is no way to replace it. A new backlight costs more then a new monitor.

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How to Fix a Blank Monitor on a Dell Laptop?

A user may make the assumption that if the computer monitor is blank and won't come on, the monitor is broken and must be replaced. However, if the monitor isn't working on your Dell laptop, the sc... Read More »

LCD monitor blinks/flashes?

how 'old' is yr monitor? maybe u wld like to do an auto adjust next time u on it, if cant send it for servicing already

My LCD monitor continuously flashes colors.?

I am sure somethering got short circuted in the moniter and thats why the moniter flashes the colors. You can try to change the Xr board in the moniter but it is VERY risky and VERY expensive. It c... Read More »

My monitor flashes 2 much, even though I have reduced the resolution. What should I do?

check your video card, maybe its defective. better yet, trasfer you monitor to another PC, if the problem persists, your monitor is busted and have to be replaced.