My dell monitor flashes on for a second and then goes blank. How do I fix it?

Answer You cannot fix this. You need to get a new monitor. The backlight ias died, and there is no way to replace it. A new backlight costs more then a new monitor.

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22 inch viewsonic flatpanel monitor turns on and displays picture for 5 seconds then the screen goes blank?

My monitor started doing the same thing last week, except that the picture would show for less than a second then go off.Looking for possible causes on the web, I found this: Read More »

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My monitor automatically goes blank?

Basically you have a problem with the high power of the monitor...Monitors from the manufacturer have 3 years a lot of the time. There are authorized repair centers all over. Contact Sony. You a... Read More »

My monitor flickers then goes black for a few seconds every now and then, anyone know what the problem is?

Could be any one of a number of causes, none of them good. The likeliest candidates that can be easist resolved are: 1) Loose/faulty data cable between monitor and PC. If the data cable gets kinked... Read More »