My daughter's lower front tooth has fallen out,should it have a root?

Answer Depends on how old she is. Not if it's a baby tooth.

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How long do you have to wait after a root canal before you can brush that tooth if it is your front tooth?

Usually on the evening on the day after the procedure.

Root canal on front tooth?

I have a root canal on the same tooth and it looks completely natural and the procedure didn't hurt at all. and I still have no pain in that tooth. don't be scared (:

My front tooth hurts. I can feel it in the root when I wake up. Serious?

Could be the beginning of an abscess. You should go to the Dentist ASAP. When it turns in to an abscess, it will hurt so bad that you can't think straight.

Is a baby root canal (pulpotomy) recommended for a front tooth?

YES, you should go the pulpotomy route because having a missing tooth in front will do 2 things - make your son look like a Jack O' Lantern and delay eruption of the permanent front tooth. I disagr... Read More »