My daughter's computer not working HELP Please read.?

Answer Could be one (or a few) of several problems. Usually, it is just a corrupted Windows install, which PROBABLY means your (her) data is OK, but you'll need to fish the data off the HDD which is no s... Read More »

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Please Help... AGAIN... My Computer Screen Isn't Working!?

Maybe bring it to someone to repair it, or just replace it with a better, newer Macintosh, Tobisha, Dell or something ...

My SD micromemory isn't working on my mobile OR my computer :( help please?

Please help all computer and printer expertise. Problem with Lexmark. Read on.?

try putting less papers in at the time and make sure their all stacked the same. i found that the HP deskjet F340 is better than my Lexmark. good luck.

My daughters legs hurt alot please help?

Take her to an Orthopedic Physician for a Second Opinion...they MAY have missed something in the X-rays...If she is in that much pain she needs a Specialist...Another thing with children they grow ... Read More »