My daughter wants to be a vegetarian.?

Answer Why is it ruining YOU? It's her choice. If she does not want to eat meat, don't give her meat. You can eat meat but don't shove your beliefs down her throat.

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My 11 year old daughter wants to be a vegetarian-anyone have?

Since she is still growing, just make sure that she eats well. Don't allow her to use her vegetarianism to get out of eating her fruit, veggies and beans. (Some new vegetarians are tempted to load ... Read More »

What type of vegetarian should my daughter become?

She should be a lacto vegetarian. They can eat most dairy and eggs as long as it is very natural with no hormones or junk like that.

My daughter wants to be a vegetarian - why am I so angry?

I'm 24 and have been a vegetarian for almost 7 years. You may want to take her to a nutritionist so she knows how to get protein and ask the nutritionist about her becoming a vegetarian. I have tho... Read More »

My 13 year old daughter is going through a vegetarian phase. How can I fix this?

The kid is going to rebel. The more you try to force the issue the harder she's going to push back.Talk to her like the adult she thinks she is. Explain to her how the human body was designed to op... Read More »