My daughter tripped over my lettuce sprout ripping the leafs off?

Answer If any of it is left above ground it will probably grow back. If is broken off even with the ground, it is a goner. It is not too late to replant but use seed. It is not economical to buy lettuc... Read More »

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My 4 yr old son eats mostly vegetables especially lettuce at lunch and dinner and his abdomen is distended as though he is suffering from malnutrition do vegetable especially lettuce cause this?

looks like it could be a build up of gas - perhaps aome expert advice/check is required just to check that all is OK.

What can you do if your 15-year-old daughter moved in with her mom 6 months ago and she let your daughter's boyfriend move in and now your daughter is 8 weeks pregnant and you're sick about it?

Answer Now she must take responsibility for her actions and have that baby rather than consider an abortion. Hopefully you can talk them into giving the baby up for adoption so it will have a chanc... Read More »

Why do your plants grow four leafs and then fall over?

My best guess is damp off, a fungal problem with some seedlings. Find a good fungicide at your local nursery, one recommended for damp off and apply according to package directions. Don't be afra... Read More »

The rain tore the leafs off of my cucumber plants?

Are you sure it wasn't hail? THey might come back - give them a chance. If you have extra seeds and they are cheap, you can plant them just in case, and just yank them out if the ones that lost the... Read More »