My daughter just got her period and she is only 8!!!!! what should I do?

Answer Don't worry!! I think I was 9 when I got mine for the first time. Girls are getting their periods at younger and younger ages, and it's completely normal. Her period probably won't even last more t... Read More »

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My daughter just got her period and she is only 10 years old what should I tell her about?

tell her the truth, the process, and emotions that go along with it...girls are growing up too soon both mentally and physically and it is up to the parents or guardians to guide them in the right ... Read More »

If I'm fifteen and just gave birth I have been nursing since my daughter came home from the hospital should I keep nursing even though I am only fifteen?

You should nurse until your baby is ready to be weaned off. Your doctor will be able to give a rough idea of when.

Girls only plz!! i think i just had my first ever period. ?

That's your first period! It was the same for me but it's fine and normal it will be like that for a little longer untill it gets to its normal color

I feel bad for "touching" my daughter but I was only trying to help. Should I tell my wife Read?

I'm not sure why you feel bad. You did not touch her for your, or her, sexual pleasure. At worst, you inserted a tampon in a possibly clumsy way; at best, you showed her how to use them. There was ... Read More »