My daughter is getting too fat, what can I do?

Answer Please don't feed the troll.

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What is your best sentence to say that your daughter-in-law will be loved and looked after as a daughter in a family and not as a daughter-in-law?

Just show her how much she is loved and if the occasion comes up, then you can express in words how you feel at the time. Actions will let her know how you feel!!

My daughter is getting tubes in her ears tomorrow?

You'll be fine. Your doctor will explain all these things - there are several ways of doing it, and be sure that you have them explain the after care, then repeat what you understand and ask "is th... Read More »

Why does my daughter keep on getting a stomach flu?

Low immunity. Make sure she is getting enough vitamin D, preferably from regular sun exposure. Cod liver oil is also a good source though. When the flu is going around, drinking grape juice daily c... Read More »

My daughter in kindergarten is getting in trouble for talking in class....?

You can help a little with bribing her, but you cannot change her personality. Ask the teacher to send you home a note with a number of 1-5 on it each day: 1 for being very noisy and 5 for being ... Read More »