My daughter is 3yrs3 mnths is this right age to join kindergarden school?

Answer I think if you can spend quality time with your daughter you should do so, if not, then send her to kindergarden. As kindergarden is not compulsory, if you can spend time with her this will be mor... Read More »

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What is the age that a child need to go to pre-kindergarden and to kindergarden in Louisiana please help txs?

I live in Ascension Parish in Louisiana, and they normally have a program called Head-start, children can begin to attend Head start at the age of 3, but the must be potty train, when the child rea... Read More »

My daughter challenged her biology teacher... and now she's been punished. Do you think this was right?

I can understand why the teacher would be upset, but I think punishment is going a little too far. I'd be equally concerned and put off if someone were to attempt to source the bible during a legit... Read More »

Can you join USAF Pararescue right after you graduate high school as long as you pass all the tests?

They don't need to. The age limit has been extended to 42.

My daughter got suspended for wearing an outfit like this to school.?