My daughter is 3yrs3 mnths is this right age to join kindergarden school?

Answer I think if you can spend quality time with your daughter you should do so, if not, then send her to kindergarden. As kindergarden is not compulsory, if you can spend time with her this will be mor... Read More »

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We just a letter from school that my daugther might flunk Kindergarden. We tried everything we can to help her?

try putting her up for adoption. this may give her the chance she needs to succeed.

What is the age that a child need to go to pre-kindergarden and to kindergarden in Louisiana please help txs?

I live in Ascension Parish in Louisiana, and they normally have a program called Head-start, children can begin to attend Head start at the age of 3, but the must be potty train, when the child rea... Read More »

How do you feel about putting your child in a private school until they reach kindergarden?

I think it sounds great! I do have to say, very young kids have to learn social skills first. That is one of the reasons why many parents are against a school type structure when children are so ... Read More »

How do you join in matheletics not by school join me?