My daughter is 11.Her teeth has gap between them.?

Answer If there was a major problem the Dentist would have said something at her regular checkup. A child can go to an orthodontist at a much younger age. When a child starts orthodontic treatment reall... Read More »

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My daughter is 20 and wants her canine teeth lenghtened to make them look "vampire" teeth..what do you think?

She needs to find a dentist willing to do it.Aside from the ethical problems - she'd mess up her bite bad.I had to make a set of fangs for a patient of mine in the play Dracula - she was one of his... Read More »

What options does a 17-year-old with huge front teeth and a big gap between them have?

Answer Your option would be to go to a dental surgeon to have then put some braces on. They do have braces that you can't see. Answer I don't know what others think, but I think they are quiet fas... Read More »

My daughter needs contact lenses.Do many kids use them.How long can you keep them in?

Contacts -- especially soft contacts -- are very easy to use and I think more and more kids are using them. My son started using them 2 years ago (13), and he's never been happier.I would recommen... Read More »

Will a lip piercing that puts pressure on your teeth harm them even if it does not bang against them?

Answer it does scrape the enamel off of your teeth a bit, but the main thng is to keep your teeth very clean with brushing and using a mouthwash, like listerine, and keep an eye on the jewelry you ... Read More »