My dad's girlfriend wants me to date her daughter?

Answer Trying to be a match maker, huh. Well, of course you need to consider what your ages are. Are you old enough to date. If you wish to date her if you are of age, there is no reason why not. If this ... Read More »

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How does one adopt the daughter of his girlfriend?

AnswerYou can file the adoption papers yourself and can usually be found in Office depot type store. You can also have a Paralegal file the papers for you for a $100 - $300 filing charge. As long a... Read More »

How to Ask Your Girlfriend's Parents For Their Daughter's Hand in Marriage?

If things go well, you'll soon be married!So, you want to get married? Great! It's a big step, one not to be taken lightly. It may seem daunting, but it can be done. Here's how to ask your girlfrie... Read More »

If your girlfriend moves out of state with your daughter can you file for custody even though you are not married?

Answer Yes, if you have joint legal custody and are paying child support you can file for custody. You will have to take parenting classes and prove to the court that there it is in the best inter... Read More »

What restaurant should I take my girlfriend on a date?