My dad's girlfriend wants me to date her daughter?

Answer Trying to be a match maker, huh. Well, of course you need to consider what your ages are. Are you old enough to date. If you wish to date her if you are of age, there is no reason why not. If this ... Read More »

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My dads birthday is coming up and he really wants the new iPad how can I get a free one?

There is not a good chance to get one free, but check around places like ebay and for a better price. If you can not afford one try making a deal with family members to do a certain amou... Read More »

After 2.5 years of having no contact with your daughter your ex has just out of the blue decided that he wants to see her againmy daughter doesn't want anything to do with him and becomes hysterical i?

The father of a child, who is not barred from contact through convictions for child abuse, has every right to see his daughter, and it is your responsibility to make sure that it is facilitated. I... Read More »

My daughter wants a cellphone :(?

go for something cheap as her first phone, because she is 11 and things get lost and broken easily, and normally 11-year olds are not as responsable, there is a new green phone out there, and it sa... Read More »

My daughter wants to be a vegetarian.?

Why is it ruining YOU? It's her choice. If she does not want to eat meat, don't give her meat. You can eat meat but don't shove your beliefs down her throat.