My dads arm is really screwed up but we don't know why... Any ideas?

Answer a problem in any joint of the upper extremity can refer pain to any other, or all joints on the same side. in other words, it may be referred from his problem shoulder, or it may be from the elbow ... Read More »

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So my friend spilled soda on my dads pool table and idk how to get it off Plz help or im screwed?

lol. i own a pool table and am an avid player and would kill you for that. (exaggeration)go rent a wet vac and clean it and pray it doesn't hurt the felt.

What if the children dont want to go to their dads?

My parents got divorced and i NEVER want to go to my dads but if i didn't my sis will get lonely so i go

You are looking for your dads mom and dad but you dont even know her real name where do you start?

Get a lawyer they will help you with all of this! It the only way I know of to adopt someone you already know.

Broke a lightbulb. Now the metal base is left screwed into the socket. Ideas on how to get it out?

Cut a potato in half, jam it on the socket and twist out the metal holder (oh and do unplug it first).