My dad wont support me being vegetarian. :'(?

Answer seriously i don't understand why people that want to be, are or know a vegetarian want to make an issue out of it. it's not like you decided to become communist and move to cuba,

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I REALLY want to become a VEGETARIAN/VEGAN but my mom wont let me?

Research it! Then talk to your mom about the benefits of it. Ask her why she won't let you. I think it's completely unreasonable. If you don't want to eat meat, she should not stop you.

Would a vegetarian support this type of campaign?

For ethical vegetarians and vegans, it's all about reducing our contribution to suffering. Buying animal products means financially supporting the horrifying practices in the factory farming indust... Read More »

Would you support child that wanted to become a vegan/vegetarian?

I'm sure I'll get plenty of "thumbs down" for this, but..... if the child is old enough to make an INFORMED decision to become vegetarian/vegan; then they're old enough to prepare whatever special ... Read More »

Do your family and friends support your lifestyle as a vegetarian/vegan?

Well, your friends sound like a bunch of teens acting like teens - i.e. conform or be picked on.I changed my diet from crap to vegan in my teens and my friends had a LOT of questions at first. The... Read More »