My dad will not take me to A&E and my toe is broken! what should i do?

Answer Unless the bone in your toe is sticking thru the skin, there's nothing that can be done for a broken toe. Take some tylenol for the pain. Wrap the broken toe snugly with an adjacent toe, and keep i... Read More »

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How long will a broken toe take to heal?

it will be livable in about 3 weeks but healed in about 6 weeks. problem with a pinkie toe break is that for some reason you will always hit it on something and re-injuring could be a problem if yo... Read More »

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If a little portion of concrete of the driveway broken, should I fix it Will it become worst if I don't?

If your concrete that has broken away is part of a driveway which you want to keep, better fix it soon or your "little portion" will gradually become larger and larger as water (#1 enemy) undermine... Read More »