My dad is drunk help?

Answer Take his car keys so he cannot drive anywhere and kill himself (or anyone else for that matter).Are you home alone with him? If you are and are under the age of 911.

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Help drunk 14 year old boy passed out throwing up and heaving oudly 911 is 30 mins away help he wont stop?

monitor the situation to be sure he is still breathing and await medical helpif he starts to choke force him to side if that dosnt work start cpr if your trained

Drunk ! HELP!?

How to Help a Drunk Friend?

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I want to get drunk please help !!?

Assuming you're legal age here.1 - Vodka is easy, mix it with a fruity soft drink and you'll barely notice the alcohol.2 - Not much for your height, weight and i'm assuming low tolerance. Take it s... Read More »