My dad has horrible pain coming from his hip area to his leg..?

Answer I feel for your Dad's pain and his situation. Pain is very real and esspecially when the sciatic nerve is involved. The thing is, he should be seen by a Neurologist, a specialist, dealing with the ... Read More »

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Horrible, HORRIBLE neck pain?

Is this pretty much the first time for the pain?Because if its a chronic pain, the the steps to take are gonna be different from acute pain.You are saying you were sick for 2 days, and woke up with... Read More »

I was in a car accident 5 days ago i have lower back pain and rib pain & feels horrible should i see a doctor?

Definately go to your doctor right away! Get any tests your doctor prescribes because your back and ribs are a big deal! You don't want to have back problems in the future! Until you go to your ... Read More »

There's an unspeakably horrible odor coming from my.....?

They make these bag like things with a plastic probe thing on the end that you can put the vinegar and water in and cleanse the area with. I find that plumbers make the smell worse, and they leave ... Read More »

Has anyone ever had horrible pain after sex?

There are various conditions cause pain after sex. It could be something harmless, it could also be something more serious. The most common causes would be a yeast infection, vaginitis and UTI. Hav... Read More »