My cuz has facebook and someone is after her..they know her personal info!!!?

Answer This is why I don't get on facebook or anything like it. My advice would bet to DELETE her facebook before it's too late. And call the police. This guy could be dangerous!!

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How do you make the settings in facebook so only some friends know your personal info?

Privacy Setting -->Profile --> Profile- Basic profile --> Edit custom settings --> Except these people --> Type persons name --> and that person has a limited profile. You can change what people s... Read More »

Someone has posted my personal info on a website?

it's illegal to do that. email the webmaster ASAP and tell them and they will ban that IP. good luck

How does one remove personal info from a laptop?

Take out the hard drive and drill a hole through it if it is serious information. Otherwise there is something you can do but I forgot. Sorry...

I want to sell my old PC's but how can i completely erase my Personal Info?

Data on you're hard drive can still be retrieve even if you completely erase everything.Anytime you delete anything off you're computer, the data is still there.The computer just made your files in... Read More »