My cut on my finger is not healing.?

Answer The commonest cause for the Injuries over the joints to take longer time to heal, is the constant movement of the joint making the delicate cicatrix formed during healing to break when ever it trie... Read More »

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I burned my finger, on a hot hot lamp how long is the healing process WHAT SHOULD I DO?

Omg, calm down. It's just a burn. Put it under cold water for a few minutes. And apply ice if needed. If it's a severe burn then you need to go to the ER.

I have a bump on my finger well the side of my finger (the finger next to my pointer finger)?

if it is on your middle then it is because of your pen/pencil it shows you wright a lot and intelligence

Are you a healing practitioner What is the best healing book you know of?

1) The Fourfold Path to Healing by Thomas Cowan, MD (anthroposophical medicine, with sections on causes of disease, and the need for animal food and healthy fats, which are amongst the BEST I have... Read More »

Finger Food Friday. Tonight we just have finger foods. I have some Bacon Ribs...?

I like to take the leftover Grits and form little balls and deep fry them,Cheese Grits balls is good too...nice finger food size....Hushpuppy fried bread is some dand good eatin too..this things wi... Read More »