My cursor movers across the screen by its self sometimes, Why is this?

Answer you have a mouse in your mouse?

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My Cursor keeps dissapearing from the screen when I type ,can anyone help please?

This is a mouse option. To deactivate it:In Windows XP:1. Click the Start->Control Panel menu item.2. Click Printers and other hardware.3. Click Mouse.4. Click Pointer Options.5. Uncheck Hide poin... Read More »

How to Locate a PC Cursor on a Desktop Screen?

Very large computer displays have become more affordable and the computer monitors available have higher resolutions than ever before. At the display sizes available, the mouse cursor is easily dwa... Read More »

How do I stop my cursor "shivering"and moving around the screen on its own?

ok, classical symptoms of an optical mouse being used on a glossy colorful surface. Use it on a piece of cotton cloth, a napkin, a towel etc. That is the kind of surface you need to use it on.

Why does my cursor 'flick' around my screen I've tried changing my mouse but it's still hard to control.?

Do you have a wireless mouse on an uneven surface - or even a lenticular mousemat? If so, then the beam falls into peaks and troughs on these mousemats and the cursor becomes jittery or even unreac... Read More »