My cursor is erratic , is there anything that I can do to keep it steady please?

Answer ok since its not known whether this is a new problem or mouse then you can try this if nothing else works. reboot the PC and from boot up tap the F8 key to go into safe mode. if the mouse is errati... Read More »

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Is there anything that I can give my son that works better (further) than a walkie-talkie to keep in touch...?

You can get special cell phones for kids (like the firefly) that only call numbers on a list.

Is there anything that will keep kennel dogs quiet?

Dogs that bark excessively while kenneled (or crated) are typically vocalizing out of boredom. To prevent barking and encourage quiet, keep your dog entertained, well-exercised or use a calming dev... Read More »

Is there anything that can be done after foreclosure to keep your property?

On One Hand: Before the AuctionForeclosure is not an event, but a process. Receiving a foreclosure notice is only the beginning. How you respond to that notice will determine whether you are able t... Read More »

I keep getting ads for increasing my size, but is there anything that will decrease it?

I have the cure for your problem but it is so super secret I can not post it on here. You will need to come to my house. Bring water and some protein's gonna be a long night...