My crush dropped me as a facebook friend. What should I do?

Answer Don't chase him, you'll look desperate and creepy. Explain (in person) whatever "misunderstanding" you had and then go about your business. If he sees that you are carrying on with your own life ... Read More »

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Just poked my gf's friend by mistake on facebook- I think. Should I own up to the friend or....?

If you feel this guilty about it that you are willing to get input from strangers, then you should probably own up, especially if it was just a mistake. I'm sure she'll understand, mistakes happen ... Read More »

Should I ask this guy to be my friend on facebook?

I stalked a guy too my sophomore year. I'm embarrassed about it now too and it's awkward. I mean, I didn't call him or drive by his house. But I kept going by him and his gf in the school cafeteri... Read More »

Should I add this friend on facebook?

Brendan,did he invite you to be his facebook friend? If so maybe he wants to be your be the for having lots of friends on facebook to look cool...looks aren't everything...I... Read More »

Should I approve a friend request on facebook if...?