My crotch is widening every minute, now its as long as the titanic... Am I pregnant?

Answer Yes you are. Make sure to spice up your crotch by putting pepper on it. I think you are pregnant HRM, and Luis is the father :)

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I have tested positive as pregnant 3 weeks. During the 1st week before I know I am pregnant I had a sauna lasting three 10 minute sessions with a cooling off between each session. Any comments?

Answer I am not sure what you mean by 3 weeks pregnant as this is 3 weeks after your last period when you would not have a positive test. You get pregnant 2 weeks BEFORE your missed period. Wha... Read More »

If a girl got kicked hard in the crotch, how long would it take for her to recover?

Not cool; find another form of entertainment; Obviously the harder one is hit the more damage; and it could be permanent;Do you jump out of tall buildings too, to see who breaks the most bones?

What is Stereo Widening?

Maybe it's called other things, but to me, it sounds like the same thing as stereo separation, which is a measure of how distinct the left and right channels sound from one another. No separation ... Read More »

Why would your baby's heartbeat be 170 beats per minute when you are 13 weeks pregnant?

Answer 170 is a little higher than normal at 13 weeks of pregnancy but you may have had a raised pulse yourself because of infection or nervousness.Actually this is not true. It is very normal for ... Read More »