My crotch is widening every minute, now its as long as the titanic... Am I pregnant?

Answer Yes you are. Make sure to spice up your crotch by putting pepper on it. I think you are pregnant HRM, and Luis is the father :)

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Minecraft server lags every minute?

Well first off your CPU is too slow. You say it's running with 5GB and yet you only have 3GB MAX. Run it with 1GB RAM and MAYBE it will run slightly better.

How Many Babies are Born every minute in US?

Doing a little math, and using basic numbers provided by the Department of Health and Human Services the rate, based on 2005 live births is about 7.9 per minute. A: The US birth rate is about 1 liv... Read More »

Computer restarts itself every minute?

Either two or three likely possibilities are the problem.1. Power Supply Failure (usually the filter capacitors) a whole new PSU is usually less than $100 2. CPU overheating which you will have to ... Read More »

If a girl got kicked hard in the crotch, how long would it take for her to recover?

Not cool; find another form of entertainment; Obviously the harder one is hit the more damage; and it could be permanent;Do you jump out of tall buildings too, to see who breaks the most bones?