My computor keeps freezing.?

Answer you probably have a lot of junk files. clean up your temporary files.defrag your computer.and download ccleaner.if all else fails, recycle the piece of s**t, and buy a new one. :)

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Why does my computor keep freezing,that i can only right the wrong by shutting down and restarting it?

if you're running a lot of applications at the same time. then your running out of resources. you just have to upgrade your memory. also if you haven't cleared your temp internet so. t... Read More »

Does quick-freezing keep foods fresher than standard freezing?

In a way that is true in that the IQF process allows fresher foods to be frozen. These foods may be raw, cooked, or par-cooked then frozen. In each case less corruption of the product is seen and t... Read More »

Can i run it on my computor?

How do i get my computor to how it was when i first got it?

You can reinstall windows, after backing up all of your personal files. That's the best way.