My computers volume is not working?

Answer Install your audio driver from your motherboard CD. If you don't have that CD then search that sound driver on google. If you need more help then send me a email

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How do i get my volume on my direct tv to work the remote works and it was working fine last night but when i woke up this morning the volume wouldn't work?

U-verse volume not working?

It sounds like you have the sound on your AT&T UVerse Set Top Box (STB) turned down and/or muted. (The Set Top Box has a sound level/mute option in addition to the one on the TV. This is handy if ... Read More »

The volume on my laptop is not working?

install slim drivers : (its free)and that will scan for all out of date drivers and you can update them (for free)but if you want... Read More »

Mac Keyboard Volume Control Not Working?

Make sure "Use all f1, f2, etc. keys as standard function keys" is NOT selected in the keyboard pane of System Preferences.