My computer wont turn off.?

Answer Two things to try download and instasll ccleaner run the cleaner and the registry option in the safemode , if that don't work run chkdsk check both options when running it seems like a file is han... Read More »

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My computer wont turn off?

Try running Ewido anti spyware and see if it picks anything up, and try running Ccleaner as well.http://www.ewido.nethttp://www.ccleaner.com - Ad-Aware SE Personal anti adwar... Read More »

Why wont my computer turn on?

Double check to see if the power switch on the back of the power supply is in the ON position, and that all the power plugs are still plugged in. Other than that, you may have a fried power supply,... Read More »

Computer wont turn on?

I'm sure the culprit is the Power Supply..just replace it..

Help me!! my computer wont turn on!!?

check your motherboard manual. Those beeps are usually telling you that you're missing either memory(perhaps yours aren't seated correctly or in the right banks), CPU not seated properly(a bit less... Read More »