My computer won't connec to the Internet-local only, please help?

Answer Does you PC have McAfee? If so it could be that. They released a new update recently which had a bug in it. I had a similar problem to you and it was resolved by uninstalling and reinstalling McAfe... Read More »

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Share Internet of local computer?

No. It is difficult to share the connection of a laptop with other machines. They need to be close together and wired together, or withing wireless range.this is typically about 30 to 40 feet if yo... Read More »

HP OFFICEJET 4500 prints internet pages but wont print computer documents(word processor). Any ideas?

Your HP printer is not selected as the printer for Word. Press Ctrl-P and see what printer is selected. If necessary, change it.

Mac OS Internet Works, but when I change to Windows 7, internet wont work?

Here is help to trouble shoot it...How to trouble shoot and fix your Wireless and wired internet connection.……htt... Read More »

My Internet has been on Local for a week?

"I know Vista is notorious for network errors." It's quite obvious you know little about Vista to begin with. NOWHERE does it say Vista has network problems. I've yet to have ANY problems with it o... Read More »