My computer won't connec to the Internet-local only, please help?

Answer Does you PC have McAfee? If so it could be that. They released a new update recently which had a bug in it. I had a similar problem to you and it was resolved by uninstalling and reinstalling McAfe... Read More »

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How to fix local area connection on computer please help!?

Your settings sound correct to me. Just delete the old network, you don't need it anyway or do you have an additional wired LAN? You can always create new networks with 'set up new connection or ne... Read More »

My computer wont start!!! Please help!!?

Many questions here. Does the drive light come on? If not disconnect the hard drive. Do you get the BIOS boot screen? What kind of system do you have? Is the monitor in good order. If the monitor l... Read More »

My new computer wont connect to any wifi please help?

try checking to see if your button for wifi on the laptop was pressed on accident (should glow blue when on correctly, red when off)also, tell me more, i need more information, to give a better fix

My computer wont come on at all. on the box there is a orange light on the wireless button. Can u help please?

try unpluging the computer wait 4 days no just kidding wait a minut then power back up. u need to make sure of the basics first is ther power to the monitor n the pc, when it boots up in the dos s... Read More »