My computer won't charge.?

Answer Grilla gave a good answer but I wish he would have posted some sort of solution to this. Mine is doing the same thing

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My ipod nano wont turn on, nor will it charge when plugged into the computer. ?

hehe. this is common. let me guess, you only chrage it through the usb port on your pc?if so, borrow or buy a portable usb wall charger and plug the nano's usb cable in. let it stay for 24 hours, t... Read More »

Lg viewty wont charge When its charging it should be able to turn on but it gets to the bit where the vodafone thing comes up turns off and goes to charging again but it still doesnt charge?

What do i do if my phone wont charge?

Occasionally mine does this to. I take the cover off and remove the battery. Take a safety pin or something and gently scratch all of the copper connectors both on the phone and the battery. Put ... Read More »

What to do when iPhone 3g wont charge?

You buy a new charger or sell the Iphone or smash it.