My computer updated to an old version and everything on screen became huge?

Answer Take a deep breath because what happened isn't all that bad...unless something really bad happened to cause your computer to shut down improperly in which case, recommence sweating! If you haven't... Read More »

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How to get an updated version of MS Paint on my computer?

You really would have to update to windows 7 to get the better paint. I suggest GIMP

Everything on my computer screen is gone huge... anyone out there know why and/or how to fix it?

Right click on an empty space on the desktop.Click on Properties.Click on Settings.Increase the resolution.Click on Apply.See it thats the right one, if its not, adjust it again, if it is, click Ok.

I need computer help! Everything on my screen is huge. What do I do?

Fix your display properties. Go to the Control panel and there will be a monitor icon.Go to where it gives you the display properties. Move the bar up and down until you like what you see.

Urgent Computer Help! Everything on my screen is huge! How do I fix it..?

Right click on your desktop if you're using vista choose personalize and go to display settings and change your resolution, if you're using xp right click on your desktop and choose properties to c... Read More »