My computer stop working and it does nothing, help?

Answer I have the same Computer. A couple days ago mine started to do the same thing. I called HP(Compaq) and they don't know what it is and they had sent out a software update to fix the problem but the ... Read More »

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Why does my computer mouse continually stop working?

Before you try anything you should take your computer back to the store you bought it. Here is why. Most stores have a 14 or 15 day return policy. If you don't get it in that window then your ou... Read More »

I have a problem in my computer,when i turn it on I get nothing on the screen but the power supply is working,?

Check your Motherboard, CPU, and Power Supply.I think your Motherboard is shorted, try the swapping method.

My computer is SLOOOOW . I'm 14 so I can't buy nothing PLEASE help me?

Hit alt+cntrl+delete. Then click processes. Here you can see what is taking up most of your processor and/or ram. Then google the name of it and it will be obvious is you can exit that process or n... Read More »

When I turn my computer on, I get nothing but a black screen.... help!?

If you can read this ... 1) Is the monitor switched on?2) Is the monitor connected to the PC?3) If both the above check and nothing at all shows on the monitor, it may be a fault with the monitor. ... Read More »