My computer shuts down itself and shows that blue screen how to resolve this?

Answer You obviously have got an internal hardware fault.More than likely it's the graphics card.You really need to put it into a workshop and let themfind the actual fault with a bench test.

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My computer shuts down itself and shows that blue screen with some words, how to resole it any 1 help me?

Initially disable the automatic restart on system failure so you can read the BSOD and post back the error codeNavigate to the Control Panel in Windows XP by left-clicking on Start, followed by Set... Read More »

Does anyone have problems with the blue screen virus thing that shuts down your comp and shows a blue screen?

I have had this problem lots of times. When you next start up your computer follow these steps:1. Click 'run' on the start menu2. Type in 'cmd' - this will take you to a command prompt screen.3. Ty... Read More »

Blue screen on my computer and then it shuts down?

The windows blue screen (blue screen of death) isnt always the death of your pc. I doubt the blue screen is being caused by a bad battery. The problem is caused when windows encounters a "fatal err... Read More »

The screen of my Pc is showing upside down how can i resolve this?

yup, 'very handsome' is right. If you press ctrl+alt+up arrow the screen should come back to normal. I was playing about with keys and suddenly found my screen showing from left to right. I put it ... Read More »