My computer screen has lines in it?

Answer It could be a sign of the computer screen going( dead pixal)or the graphic card is going try the computer on another screen and if it works propperly then its the screen if not then its the graphi... Read More »

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Computer Screen my screen is jumping and has lines across it can anyone fix this?

Try using another screen. If the problem still persists your graphics card is probably broken.

How to Fix Lines on the Computer Screen?

Occasionally desktop computers can develop lines on the screen, which is most likely due to electromagnetic buildup from the monitor or problems with the computer drivers. There are usually two sol... Read More »

Can I eliminate the horizontal lines from my computer screen?

It can be caused by 3 different things1) the monitor needs to be degaussed. The way to do this varies too much to say how here other than to go to the onscreen menu and look for a synbol of a magn... Read More »

Would a screen protector fix the three lines on my kindle fire screen?

Three lines? Sounds like it has some damage that would need actual fixing- or replacing the screen.A screen protector won't fix this, but will protect from future damage.