My computer screen has gotten some weird red tint. i have tried everything...HELP!?

Answer One of the colors is probably out. Check the cable to make sure it's plugged in on both ends. If that doesn't work see if you can borrow another cable; if that one is good you probably have a bad... Read More »

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Have you ever gotten into the wrong car, and tried to start it So embarassing.?

Not actually gotten into the wrong car but I've went up to a car similiar to mine trying to open the door with my unlocker and actually tried my key in the car's door. You must have a popular car.

Weird virus on my computer that plays audio of ads everytime I log on. Tried everything to fix it, HELP!?

Malwarebytes' is included here, but so are two other products...and the scan is performed in Safe Mode.This procedure has succeeded for others here who've complained of background noises/voices/mus... Read More »

Hello everyone, I just gotten my Chrome notebook yesterday. I tried to download my printer I have a down?

You will need a printer that supports Google Cloud Print. You cannot install drivers made for Windows on a Chrome OS.Here are the directions to connect your printer to Google Cloud: http://support.... Read More »

Why is my computer screen so weird?

Try connecting it to another monitor, if it works you know it was your monitor. But if it doesn't work then you need to replace the graphics card in your computer. Good Luck