My computer says i need to free space on my C drive, how do i do that?

Answer I'd start with a disk cleanup - go to start - all programs - accessories-- system tools and disk cleanup. It will remove unneeded temp files, etc. Also, go to my computer, and right click on the C ... Read More »

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My computer has a balloon that keeps popping up that says "low disc space", what do I do?

Clean out the c drive and move stuff to your d drive.It will make things run much faster for you.

I cannot access my floppy drive. I am the only user on a home computer, says I need an administrator. HELP?

it does not always mean that because you are only the one using the PC you are the administrator. that's why it asked you to contact your administrator which means you weren't, though you are only ... Read More »

My computer keeps saying low disk space. do i need a bigger hard drive ?

If you copy some documents, images, songs, movies etc from C drive/partition to either to another partition D, E etc if there are any, or copy them to cd/dvd and then delete them off from the C dri... Read More »

How can i shedule free up disk space in the same way that i can defrag hard drive and backup?

Ho,Unless you have regular data that you want to delete I don't see how you can.If you have regular data to remove then a batch file could be made to remove those repeat items and add it to the tas... Read More »