My computer says i need to free space on my C drive, how do i do that?

Answer I'd start with a disk cleanup - go to start - all programs - accessories-- system tools and disk cleanup. It will remove unneeded temp files, etc. Also, go to my computer, and right click on the C ... Read More »

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Will it slow my computer down if I compress drive to save disk space under C drive properties?

no, if anything it should help your computer, sorting files making them more compact allowing more space when you de-frag, it depends how big your hard drive is and how fast your computer is. one t... Read More »

No free space in C drive, for no reason?

go download "CleanUp!" and run it and it will get rid of crapthat browsers and other programs leave lying around... for starters...if you have downloaded stuff and forgotten about it.. then that's ... Read More »

How to free up some space on my hard drive.?

Troubleshooting steps…You can also attach an external USB drive for more space -- but USB 2.0 is far from ideal for editing videos. You can however move s... Read More »

How Do I Free Up Hard Drive Space?

Click "Start," select "Control Panel" and choose "Add or Remove Programs" in Windows XP. In Windows Vista or Windows 7, click "Start," select "Control Panel" and choose "Uninstall a Program." Selec... Read More »