My computer reboots all by itself?

Answer Maybe power supply

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My computer has began to log off and reboot. I get a blue screen with white writing then it reboots?

Don't listen to these people.It has alot to do with recent hardware or drivers that you have installed.As far as I know there is no real way of fixing this except to find what is interfering with y... Read More »

Computer reboot itself?

sounds like over heating check your fans.

My computer started itself up?

Lol is it scaring you?Okay your computer has scheduled itself to come on.Got to control panel and go into scheduled tasks [that's under 'performance and maintnenace' if you use category view.Look a... Read More »

Why does a computer turn off by itself?

well it depends. Your computer might be on some energy saving program that after a while left untended it shall turn off such as energy star. Or if your computer is on the floor your foot may of hi... Read More »