My computer opens every program with microsoft word HELP!!?

Answer right click the file and a drop down appears. there you'll see an option called "open with..." select that and a window will open. then there should be a few software types you can choose from. if ... Read More »

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How to Change the File That Microsoft Word Opens when You Select 'open'?

Do you hate it when you choose to open a file in Word, but have to browse for the folder it is in for ages? This will show you how you can change the default folder Microsoft Word opens (this is fo... Read More »

I have a document that is Microsoft Word how do I print it on a computer that doesn't have Microsoft Word?

If you have access to another computer that has Word on it you can open in on that computer, go to file -> save as -> type in the name of the document -> choose a different file type (RTF is a good... Read More »

I would like to have a program like microsoft word for free?

How to Create a Wedding Program in Microsoft Word?

Many factors can contribute to the expense of a wedding, but the wedding programs do not have to be one of them. You can eliminate the cost of hiring a professional printer by printing the wedding ... Read More »