My computer only recognizes 32g of my 80g hard drive. Why?

Answer If you are running XP, you need to convert to NTFS. This was designed this way to make people convert to it. This will give you step by step instructions.…

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I only got 14 gb hard drive i want to download lots of music. what is the biggest size hard drive?

External hard drive said it had 320gb but computer said it only had 298 why?

Hardware on the drive isn't quite 320, they round up to the nearest gig. Software also takes up some space such as drivers that make it compatible with computer systems.

How to Make a Computer Hard Drive Into an External Hard Drive Kit?

If you no longer wish to use an internal desktop hard drive on its original computer, you can use an external hard drive enclosure to convert the drive from its internal interface to an external on... Read More »

Can you save your Xbox 360 hard drive on your computer hard drive?

You can save your XBox 360 hard drive onto your computer hard drive. It requires completely removing your XBox 360 hard drive from the system. This is not recommended by Microsoft, and will invalid... Read More »