My computer mouse isnt can i fix it?

Answer Specify the exact mouse, and it can help more.But here are a couple of stuff to try.As everyone said, check your connection... this can include plugging your mouse into a different computer and che... Read More »

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Mouse for computer isnt working.?

For the wireless mouse, make sure that the batteries are not dead. If the batteries are fine, make sure the receiver is not blocked by anything and connected to the computer properly. If that's alr... Read More »

My mouse isnt scrollign well what can i do now?

first, turn off your computer so that it doesn't mess it upsecond, take the ball out of the mouse, then you should clean the ball with alcoholthird, dry and put the ball into the mouse again and t... Read More »

My wireless mouse isnt working properly HELP . Please xD?

the "THINGIE" is not going to help us identify your problem and help you, be more specific please =). i believe you have a warranty on that mouse....return policy? either way logitech can't just go... Read More »

A mouse is a mouse. more than one mouse is call mice. what do you call more then one mouse (computer mouse)?