My computer monitor blinks so i bought new one but that also blinks.what to do?

Answer more likely it's the graphics card than the cpu, motherboard or cpu,. maybe even the power source, but i'd start w/ the gpu, it's the weakest link in most systems.

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I bought an lcd monitor to replace my old monitor. Will it make my computer slower?

nope, wont make it faster either. its not related. i just got my first LCD too , pretty stuff

I bought a new computer, but unfortunately it won't work with my monitor.?

is it a crt monitor or old lcd? are you getting picture at bootup. Dell logo etc? if its a crt it may be an issue of resolution setting that the monitor cannot handle. if you can get into safe ... Read More »

Just bought a 32inch computer monitor (no built in tuner)..?

A monitor with no tuner cannot decode the signal on its own...You will need to get a standalone tuner to get a video signal you can use.Or, in some cases, get a decoder card for your PC and use you... Read More »

LCD monitor blinks/flashes?

how 'old' is yr monitor? maybe u wld like to do an auto adjust next time u on it, if cant send it for servicing already