My computer makes static nose?

Answer Mute the line-in port.

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My radio makes static noises?

Is there a mobile phone near it? If so, move the 2 away from each other.

Computer has static lines?

I'm a computer consultant and technician, I've experienced that problem with new and older machines from customers every now and then. Your laptop if bought new would still be under warranty and ca... Read More »

How to Apply a Static IP Address to a Computer?

The "IP" in "IP Address" stands for "Internet Protocol Address." A computer is assigned one IP address by networks it is connected to with Internet access. Two categories of IP addresses exist---dy... Read More »

How to Set Up a Static IP on a Home Computer Network?

IP addresses are the way computers keep track of each other. IP addresses get assigned to your computer by whatever network you are using for internet access. By default IP addresses are randomly a... Read More »