My computer makes a high pitch noise?

Answer It sounds like one of the cooling fans. Try blowing the dust out and see if that helps. If it's still doing it, try to isolate where the noise is coming from. It could have a fan bearing going bad,... Read More »

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My Computer screen is emitting thick smoke clouds and this deafening high pitch noise, is that bad?

HA-HA...! You spelled "CRACK PIPE" wrong...

My computer CPU makes a lot of noise like a slow moving Moped.Noise can be heard two rooms away.Solutions.Pls?

Check the case fans first (you should find one on the power supply near the power cord and another one or two somewhere else at the back of the case. It could be as simple a thing as a cable which ... Read More »

Computer makes noise and red led flashes?

" i just bought a new pc" - So take it back. That is what warranties are for.Yes, I agree that it is the hard drive.

When I turn on my computer it makes a noise. ?

Sounds like the fan kicking in to me - if it's ridiculously loud then you should probably give the inside of your computer a good clean with a can of compressed air. Check out this handy 'how to' v... Read More »