My computer keeps telling me to set my display to 720 x 480 but this doesnt seem to be an option...?

Answer It is asking you to set the Display Resolution. Looks like that is the resolution of your laptop display.Do you see any video with your current setup?

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Swiss Saver Pass number doesnt work for GA Switzerland option in trenitalia site ?

The GA isn't the same as the Swiss Pass, it covers the same routes but is for Swiss residents, and goes for at least a month, usually a year.Don't know what you should do, though, sorry. You could ... Read More »

When i switch on my lenovo ideapad s10-3 it doesnt show anything on display. But the first two led lights are ?

Hello, If the computer shows no sign of start up. First check the power cord, both ends and make sure that it is in the socket and connected to the computer. If nothing happens you may have a hard... Read More »

How do you download videos from youtube if it doesnt give an option which says download?

Go to and paste the video link there. Click next. Where it says --select a file type-- select wmv or whatever video format you would like. Click Next, then click next again. It s... Read More »

My PC's display configuration has an option named "Gamma". Does my PC emit gamma rays?

lol...I can see where the confusion arises but no, manufacturers wouldn't be allowed to see a display with harmful level of radiation.Gamma on video displays refers to shadow detail. If you alter t... Read More »